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Aum Patcharapa Chaichua or in Thai “พัชราภา ไชยเชื้อ” is one of the most popular actresses in Thailand and also my favorite actress of all time. She is very attractive both in her unique characteristic and looking. FHM (Thai edition) has voted her to be the  sexiest woman for three consecutive years (04,05,06) and in 2009 as “The Sexiest Woman and Sexiest Forever in Thailand” . She always casts in sexy roles on TV soaps and  frequently appears in provocative photo layouts in all the fashion and gossip magazines. Here below, I also provide the information for you to get to know her more.


Name: Patcharapa Chaichue
Nick Name: Aum
Birth Date: 05/12/1978
Age: 27
Birth Place: Bangkok, Thailand
Race: Thai
Religion: Buddhism
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 46 kg Star
Field: Actress, Model, Host and Presenter
Education : Stree Woranad School Duddarunee School Rangsit University
Favorite Food: Fried Chicken & Som Tam
Favorite Color: Black & Pink
Favorite Star: Chamaiporn Chaturapood
Favorite Singer: Pim Marsha Wattanapanich
Favorite Animal: Dogs & Puppies
Others Fear or Scared of: Ghost Hobbies: Listening to music


Tv Series
1998 E-Sa co-star Aekarat Sarasouk
1998 Luke Wa co-star Albert McDonald
1999 Ruk Song Pope co-star Sawich Phetwisedsiri, Tik Kanyarat
1999 Plup Pleung See Chompoo co-star Rattipong Poomalee
1999 Mae Nark co-star Pete Tongjeua
2000 Rarknakara co-star Danuporn Punnakun, Woranuch Wongsawan
2000 Kom Payabaht co-star Veerapap Suphappaiboon, Jiranun Manojem
2001 Phet Thut Phet co-star Jetrin Wattanasin, Earn Kalayakorn
2001 Tun Gammatape co-star Note Nuthi
2002 7 Prakarn co-star Danuporn Punnakun
2002 Jit Sungharn co-star Nattawut Skidjai
2003 Gammatape Tua Noy co-star Shakrit Yamnam
2003 So Sanae Ha co-star Tana Suttikamol
2004 Derm Pun Wiwa co-star Panu Suwano
2004 Fha Mai co-star Nattawut Skidjai
2004 Nang Sao Jingjai co-star Jedsadaporn Phondee
2005 Chaleuy Bahb co-star Panu Suwano
2005 Pleung Payu co-star Tana Suttikamol
2005 Hemaraj co-star Sonram Tappituk
2006 Song Sanae co-star Veerapap Suphappaiboon
2006 Sai Leud Hang Ruk co-star Paul Pattrapon
2006 Pinmook co-star Cee Ceewat
2007 Rang Rit Pissawad co-star Stephan Santi
2007 Bupae Leh ruk co-star Nattawut Skidjai
2008 Yeuy Fha Tah Din co-star Weir Sukullowat
2009 mia luangco-star therapak sajjakul, piyathida woramusik
2009 Jaew Jai Rai co-star Pae Wongslur
2009 Prajan Rai Prayuk co-star Weir Sukullowat, Jiranan Manojem
2010 Kularp Neua Mek co-star Woranuch Wongsawan, Stephan Santi

2003 Fake co-star Thar Barbie
2007 Ghost Mother co-star Tana Suttikamol

Honda Wave Motorbike
Mistine Cosmetics
Oishi Tea
Sunsilk Shampoo
Trident Gum
12 Plus Ani-perspirant

Own Brand Sexy Me By Patchrapa Perfume

Become a beauty – or a beast?

A good example of successful cases from Girls' Generation, a popular girl band from Korea, everyone here has already undergone plastic surgeries

It has been almost 10 years since the Korean trend first arrived in Thailand. After the arrival of many Korean TV series, Thai teenagers gradually realize the TRUE beauty behind plastic surgery. It’s not only gain a lot support but also change our thought and notion toward Plastic Surgery FOREVER. The thought such as “it’s not that bad, just a little hurt and from then on…your life is going to change forever” and that “Everyone can be cute…money can buy!”  and so on.

This is Mickey Rourke and the fact that when you get old, bad plastic surgery occurs

Mickey Rourke and the fact when you get old, bad plastic surgery occurs

But in this post, I’m not going to discuss about the successful case, I’m on my way to America to show you a case in which the After picture is better than the Before…I am not expecting all of you to agree with me, I just hope that the points I bring up are at least valid enough to make you think, or funny enough to give you a laugh…

First about Botox, oh man isn’t this stuff fun…?? Botox is the quick fix of all quick fixes.  Just a few injections and you will permanently look like 10 years younger or 10 times more like a creepy doll. I heard that this stuff can be addictive too, like a tattoo or coke or something like the case of Jocelyn Wildenstein, a wealthy socialite who is now in tabloid press because of her  countless face surgeries.

Jocelyn and Wildenstein with her cat-like look

Jocelyn Wildenstein and a cat-like look

In the late 70’s,she was a fresh-faced mother of two and a wife of an extremely rich art dealer. That is until she caught her husband in bed with a 21 year old Russian model. So after the divorce, she hoped to win back her husband’s love and make herself more beautiful by spending $4 million dollars to look more “cat-like”. I can’t imagine any plastic surgeon who would agree to do this to someone. Is it possible that Jocelyn and Michael Jackson go to the same guy? I really can’t accept it, bad boobs jobs are bad enough, but a bad face-job is even worse. SCARY!  This is the lesson when you obsess to something “Too much” like this…your life’s going to change forever, seriously FOREVER !

My brief review on New Moon

After watching New Moon, I thought the movie was great but I don’t know why I now feel so down. It must be because writing this blog that bring back bad memories of Twilight Saga Book 5.After the partial draft of Midnight Sun was illegally posted on the internet , the author, Stephanie Mayer decided to put it on hold indefinitely, this heart-breaking fact just again bring the feeling of sadness back to my HEART T.T

The wolf pack which is far beyond expectaton..some look like Asian?

The wolf pack which is far beyond my conception. I didn't expect all of them to look this "Asian"

Anyway let’s get back to the New Moon, from my point of view who already read the books, if you compare the first movie “Twilight” to “New Moon” I still think that this one is way better. The production team did an amazing job especially with the CGI which is incredibly realistic than before (except some scenes that involve werewolves, the wolf pack was so funny  -.- )

Though I finished reading all the books, but back in the theater, I really enjoyed watching every minute of it and felt so happy being in the world of Vampire Ware-wolf again.  I loved those elephant sized wolves and Jacob half naked.They definitely had some funny moments…. like Eric crying when watching Romeo and Juliet! I loved the scene with Mike, Jacob and Bella, it is so funny, if you have watched the film you would know why (let’s keep it secret for others who haven’t watched the film yet) Also for The Volturi, I love Dakota Fanning’s appearance in this movie but they completely creep me out.

Jane by Dagota

Jane by Dakota Fanning

And again the funny scene in Alice’s vision, it was made so stupidly. The vision was up with them like frolicking through the forest?!? I know it must be from Breaking Dawn but the clothes looked like they belonged in like the 50’s or something I couldn’t help from cracking up. For the ending scene, some said that it is disappointing but for me it didn’t seem to be that bad. So for overall, I give it a thumbs up!

The Fall poster in Thai version

The poster in Thai version .."พลังฝัน ภวังค์รัก"which is very weird, please don't ask me to translate it

The Fall tells a story within a story, one being interpreted by an innocent child, Alexandria who was in the hospital with a broken arm and Roy Walker who was injured during a stunt gone wrong and depressed over the loss of his girlfriend. He can’t move from his bed because his legs are paralyzed. So, on a whim to commit suicide, he spies advantages in being friendly with Alexandria by telling a fairy tale. The child has no idea what’s going on, she just knows that Roy tells the most delightful stories, and that she’d do anything for him so that he’ll keep the tales coming. Roy stopped at strategic moments to ask her for favors to fetch him some morphine pills. In the end of the story, there is a wonderful scene of the little girl trying to draw him back to life.

The wedding scene, it's like living in the fantasy world when I was wa

The wedding scene, it's like living in the fantasy world when I was watching this scene

A part of the movie is composed of fantasy sequences as Roy spins a fantastical and sometimes nonsensical adventure of a masked bandit (himself), an Italian expert, an Indian swordsman and Charles Darwin with a monkey who all were finding their quest to get revenge and kill the evil Governor Odious.

The Fall was filmed for four years in 28 countries and has made a movie that you might never see before with the effect beyond imagination. There will never be another like it. The director, Tarsem, creates a vivid, colorful world like no other with love of perfectly framed imagery. He’s obviously shown his fond of deserts, slow motion, rich colors, fire, and lovely horses. The scenes are nearly exhausting to take in. There are such the wonderful illusions and constructions that he presents throughout every scene. He can perfectly manage all scenes and moreover simply placed the characters which are incredible yet unpredictable. Like the character of Alexandria, the girl is painfully adorable but she can deliver such all natural and touching scenes by just sitting in bed and simply chat.

The perfect combination of colors

The perfect combination of colors

I have read from the movie news that film actually claims to have absolutely no computer-generated imagery. But is it really have none? This makes me wonder about the Labyrinth of Despair, with no exit in it. The intersection walls with zigzag staircases. What about the man who emerges from the burning tree? Perhaps the key words are “computer-generated.” Perhaps some of the images are created by more traditional kinds of special effects. I assumed.

I was amased by this setting

I really was "amazed" by the Labyrinth of Despair

Sorry that I can’t find any picture to describe this scene which is my most favorite from the Fall, it is when bowmen shoot hundreds of arrows into the air and many of them fall into the back of the  slave who trying escaped then he falls backward and the weight of his body supported all arrows perfectly and  the scene when the monkey Wallace chasing a butterfly through impossible architecture.

Watching The Fall definitely gave me the unique experience, one that is wildly cinematic in that will never let you forget you’re watching a movie and yet one that is so enrapturing that you get lost in it. It’s a Movie, and yet it’s so real. It’s the kind of experience that only the movies can give you. Even it is quite absurd in places and in the literary sense of the word but you can laugh at it and even to cry with it simultaneously.

At this point in reviews of movies like “The Fall” is unlike any movie I’ve ever seen before, the verbal story is input from Roy and the visual story is output from Alexandria. In the story we see entirely through her imaginations of worldwide locations such as Bali, Italy, Fiji, Prague, China, South America and into primary-colored fantasy lands populated by the familiar faces of the people around her, including her nurses, Roy, and the girl herself. And there is the sweet charm of the princess in the story, Catinca Untaru, who may have been dubbed as far as I know but speaking of the skill and differences in background. She did her best to equal the reality she lives and the fantasy she pretends to. I also profound and admire this movie. Even in the end, the beautiful weirdness of Alexandria’s imaginary Oz. It is her imagination that creates the images of Roy’s story, and they have a purity and power beyond all calculation. Roy is her perfect storyteller, she is his perfect listener, and together they build a world.

I may conclude that “The Fall” is beautiful for its own sake, as a unique master piece of art. If you have a curious mind and appreciate the narrative for its creativity, scale and sheer audacity, you might just fall for it as well.

The Orphanage – Spanish Movie

The Orphanage stands out as one of the most beautiful and remarkable film in my recent memory. Instead of rushing into the horror scenes or cheap thrills, the film moves slowly yet expertly create atmosphere and sympathy with the characters. It’s such a great piece of art produced by professional production team and the director who should be remembered for the future, Juan Antonio Bayona and Guillermo del Toro.

To classify “The orphanage” as a horror movie might be in appropriate because the tone of the film is like a roller coaster of emotions. It’s a journey of a woman, Laura, who is trying to find her missing son,  it starts with the warmth of a happy childhood which in the end turns into pure horror (in a sense of horrifying event, not a gruesome horror in anyway). The climax of the story begins when the leading actress, Laura, stops being scared, it’s Laura’s soul-crushing pain that drives the story. In fact, there are many opportunities to lead the movie into cheap scare or end up exploding itself with a moronic twist. But all it did is letting us wait and hope for something to happen.  So when it did, it really freak me out.  And I really  like the ending scene which is positively heartbreaking, yet unforgettable.

From my point of view, It is a must watch movie because we might not get many chances to see this kind of film in Thailand, and usually some might don’t like this kind of film because it has a complex storyline which require a lot of sense for understanding. But one thing I like about this film is that it has a smooth and flowing storyline and a force to capture our attention.I highly recommend this film and give it a thumb up !

Yummy Lemonade ??

After watching this episode of  Happy Tree Friends, my favourite violent cartoon :D

I just can’t stop thinking it every time I drink Lemonade -.-



Glassware: Tall glass, filled with ice

Drink Recipe:
- 1/2 oz. Vodka
- 1/2 oz. Gin
- 1/2 oz. Rum
- 1/2 oz. Triple Sec
- 2 oz. Sweet and Sour
- Fill with 7-Up

Garnish: Lemon wedge garnish

Closet Door Fail -.-”



I really didn’t think I’d be (this) excited to watch this movie especially after watching the first one and reading all the 4 series of Twilight Saga but many trailers that went out lately just got me interested again. …

It’s no secret that new moon is my favorite of the Twilight Series. I know most people don’t like it because Bella spent most of her time moping around after Edward left her. Personally, I loved it even though it made me cry. It was emotionally a bad time for me when I read it and I guess it hit a nerve. There’s just something about how Stephanie Meyer wrote about Bella’s heartbreak that was real (so real). So what if Bella turned totally emo, don’t we all?

Why do I have a feeling I’m going to be a Jacob fan after watching this movie? not once during the entire time I was reading the series that I feel Jacob was the right one for her. I wonder if it has anything to do with this…
uhhh, Edward who? oh yeah, who cares about some dazzling, immortal creature when we can have the handsome werewolf instead! wahahaha!  ;P

Here is one of the official trailers for New Moon in HD. It shows Edward and Bella kissing, Bella’s birthday party and papercut scene, as well as a confrontation between Laurent and Bella in the woods. At the end, Jacob transforms into a wolf! and also include some great scenes with the Volturi…so exciting !!!

Gossip Girl Season 3


Lots of Gossip Girl recently, as this promo poster follows up yesterday’s casting of Gina Torres in the upcoming season. gossip girl season 3 poster In earlier Gossip Girl casting news, it was reported that Hilary Duff would be appearing next season, and noted that Tyra Banks and Sonic Youth would do the same. Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and Penn Badgley and was developed by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage and returns on Monday September 14th for its third season. I can’t wait….grrr!!!

Jay Chou’s music

I’ve always been fascinated by Jay Chou’s talent.

I became a fan of chinese music when I got a chance to listen to his song,

“Fa lu xue”    If you listen carefully to his music, they always have a meaning

behind both the music and lyrics. And if you listen carefully enough,

you can tell by the way he composed the music and the way the music is

perfectly arranged,  you’ll find that his talent is unquestionable.

狼牙月 伊人憔悴
lang ya yue / yi ren qiao cui
A crescent moon, my loved one  is waned and sallow

我举杯 饮尽了风雪
wo ju bei / yin jin le feng xue
I raise a cup and drank in the frost

shi shui da fan qian shi gui
Who overturned the box of incarnations

re chen ai shi fei
Evoking arguments

缘字诀 几番轮回
yuan zi jue / ji fan lun hui
A predestined formula of fate undergoes countless reincarnations

你锁眉 哭红颜唤不回
ni suo mei / ku hong yan huan bu hui
You frowned, crying  for love lost

zong ran qing shi yi jing cheng hui
Even if the annals of history had already become dust

wo ai bu mie
My love will not disappear

fan hua ru san qian dong liu shui
Grandeur is like three thousand waters flowing south

wo zhi qu yi piao ai liao jie
Yet I only choose a ladle of love to comprehend

zhi lian ni hua shen de die
Only long for your butterfly incarnation

你发如雪 凄美了离别
ni fa ru xue / qi mei le li bie
Your hair is like snow, making our parting chillingly beautiful

wo fen xiang gan dong le shui
Who’s moved by my (offerings of) incense?

yao ming yue rang hui yi jiao jie
Inviting the full moon to highlight my memories

ai zai yue guang xia wan mei
Love becomes pure beneath the moonlight

你发如雪 纷飞了眼泪
ni fa ru xue / fen fei le yan lei
Your hair is like snow, your tears are flying

wo deng dai cang lao le shui
Who had waned while I waited?

红尘醉 微醺的岁月
hong chen zui / wei xun de sui yue
In the era of mortal intoxication

我用无悔 刻永世爱你的碑
wo yong wu hui / ke yong shi ai ni de bei
I’ll use my devotion to carve a tablet of love for you

你发如雪 凄美了离别
ni fa ru xue / qi mei le li bie
Your hair is like snow, making our parting chillingly beautiful

wo fen xiang gan dong le shui
Who is moved by my (offerings of) incense?

yao ming yue rang hui yi jiao jie
Inviting the full moon to highlight my memories

ai zai yue guang xia wan mei
Love becomes pure beneath the moonlight
你发如雪 纷飞了眼泪
ni fa ru xue / fen fei le yan lei
Your hair is like snow, your tears are flying

wo deng dai cang lao le shui
Who had waned while I waited?

红尘醉 微醺的岁月
hong chen zui / wei xun de sui yue
In the era of mortal intoxication

我用无悔 刻永世爱你的碑
wo yong wu hui / ke yong shi ai ni de bei
I’ll use my devotion to carve a tablet of love for you

啦儿啦 ~
la er la ~
La er la~

铜镜映无邪 扎马尾
tong jing ying wu xie / zha mai wei
The bronzed mirror reflects a picture of innocence and pigtails

你若撒野 今生我把酒奉陪
ni ruo sa ye / jin sheng wo ba jiu feng pei
Since you (coyly) requested, I’ll keep you company and drink with you in this life

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